About DimOnOff

DimOnOff is a pioneer and innovator in Wireless Control and Remote Monitoring technologies for Street & Area Lighting, and ranks among the top 3 players currently on the market. DimOnOff SCMS is the result of more than 12 years invested in R&D to create the ultimate IoT, Smart Building and smart City products & platform.

Our main markets are control & monitoring of commercial, industrial and municipal lighting such as roadway (street), warehouses, parking lots, car dealerships, sports facilities, ice rinks, gymnasiums, classrooms, office buildings and hospitals, just to name a few.

The DimOnOff Solution

We all know that the best way to reduce electricity production and carbon emissions is to reduce our consumption of electricity. In order to optimize electricity consumption, DimOnOff has developed a solution which individualizes control of lighting fixtures and allows a one-by-one management of electrical loads, wirelessly. Those same modules, also referred to as nodes, are also designed to be IoT sensors and actuator for all kinds of applications.

By simply adding DimOnOff modules (intelligent & addressable) to fixtures, the lighting system becomes a controllable network of light nodes, using wireless communication, which makes it possible to remotely monitor & meter each controlled fixture or circuit, and control the lighting status (ON/OFF), output levels, and schedule groups & zones.

The modules communicate with each other using an RF meshed network, and a master control center (for data logging & scheduling) using a secured protocol developed by DimOnOff, above standard IP protocols (over 802.15.4 frequency radio 2.4GHz or 900Mhz, cellular and LAN). This allows the cross-use of multiple communication technologies that are used today or will be developed in the future.

Control can be done by sensors, switches or computer. The DimOnOff SCMS platform makes it possible to easily configure the system, control it and follow each fixture’s physical data in real-time (W, V, Amp, PF, life, cycling, etc.), set up alarms to be sent automatically from individual faulty modules, to an email address or a mobile phone (burned lamp, damaged driver, etc.)

DimOnOff SCMS uses a GIS/GUI to maximize operators’ performance for tasks related to geographical positioning and especially for maintenance; it facilitates the definition of zones and the creation of special lighting programs (scheduling) based on sunrise/sunset, fixed-time and holiday structures.

The Corporation

DimOnOff Inc. is a Canadian corporation, established in Québec city in 2005. Our company develops wireless distributed lighting controls (front-to-back) for municipal, institutional, commercial and industrial customers. with hundreds of customers worldwide. Bernard Tetu, president of DimOnOff, is a Canadian serial-entrepreneur, and is behind the creation and investment of several well-known technology companies including Berclain Group, GeocomTMS, and Taleo. Daniel Noiseux, VP, is also a serial-entrepreneur with management experience in various industries including automotive, lumber transformation, venture capital and electronics, both with startups and fortune 500.


Partial list of customers:

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