City of Shawinigan

Case Study - How the City of Shawinigan reinvented itself as a smart city


In 2016, the City of Shawinigan modernized its complete street light system and is now able to remotely control and manage its entire cobra-head lights network from any location at any given time. In addition, they have implemented sewers level sensors that can be monitored from the same platform.


Shawinigan is a city located in the Mauricie area in the province of Quebec, Canada. With a population of 50 000, this city is often referred to as “The City of Energy” due to its hydroelectric and industrial history.

Business Case

In 2015, Shawinigan’s HPS street lights had reached their useful life and needed to be replaced. The challenge was to redesign the lighting solution that would be more sustainable, innovative and would be able to meet future demands.

To validate the business case, the city of Shawinigan evaluated their current and projected cost of energy. Future needs were also considered and addressed during this project, such as sewer level sensors and a smart parking solution. They then evaluated the required investment for the modernization of their lighting network including the addition of DimOnOff’s SCMS remote management system and established the operating expenses reduction resulting from this improvement.

  • Fixtures

  • Total projects costs

    $4 000 000 CAD
  • Energy savings

  • Maintenance savings

  • Total savings

    $482 000 CAD / year
  • Payback period

    less than 7 years
  • Reduction of greenhouse gases

    6 tons / year
  • Gradual integration of sewer level sensors

Benefits of DimOnOff’s Smart Citiy Management System

  • Adaptive control and monitoring system
  • Energy consumption monitoring in real time
  • Instant fault and diagnostic reporting
  • Integrated communication network
  • Possibility of managing other services such as sewer meters, snow removal and information signs, security cameras, etc.
  • Coordination of maintenance teams optimized
  • Management of the inventory improved
  • Dimming functionality
  • Monitoring hours of operation of each fixture

Other advantage from DimOnOff SCMS system

  • Versatile and scalable IoT Platform
  • Proven technology deployed in many small and large cities
  • Compatibility with multiple systems / partners
  • Compatible with existing and future infrastructure
  • Complete end-to-end wireless Control & Monitoring system
  • Customizable

Project Highlights

Total Savings

69% from initial pre-project HPS baseline

Energy Savings

$305 378 CAD / year

Maintenance Savings

$176 515 CAD / year

Specific Adaptive Controls


Light level is set to 60% (and lower is some sectors) at implementation to improve comfort for residents and drivers, save energy & prolong luminaire lifetime