Smart Controls and Sensors


Low voltage light sensor

Daylighting Controls : LUXSTATLS

(Use with RTM or LNLV Wireless Smart Relays, to activate Inputs on Nodes, and execute Local commands (on same Node) or broadcast Commands or Scenarios to Groups)

The Luxstat Light Sensor by Servodan provides the necessary daylight-level information to the Luxstat daylight harvesting control modules.

Using a photodiode element, this sensor continuously measures daylight levels and sends the information to the selected Luxstat daylight harvesting control module. In order to operate as a true Open Loop controller, the sensor must be positioned to see only daylight (no artificial light). You select the applicable foot-candle range by using a jumper beneath the front cover.


  • Open Loop photosensor
  • Foot-candle range: 3–6,000 fc
  • Provides daylight levels to Luxstat daylight harvesting control modules
  • Indoor and outdoor versions
  • Mounts vertically and horizontally
  • Architecturally attractive design
  • UL and cUL listed
  • Title 24 compliant
  • 2-Year warranty