Wireless Smart Relays


Ideal for Solar ( photovoltaic) and battery powered devices.


The LiteNode Low-Voltage LNLV is ideal for Solar ( photovoltaic) and battery powered devices. A complete Control system in itself and easily Networkable in a Master-Companion configuration for Flexible Control patterns with Groups & Zoning.

It provides:

  • Supply voltage monitoring for battery powered system
  • Solid state output up to 1 Amp with short circuit protection and open load detection
  • Long range wireless RF mesh communication
  • Convenient size for installation inside your products due to its small form
  • Compatible with all other DimOnOff Smart City SCADA products

With these wireless modules, complex automation environments can be developed simply and commissioned quickly and economically.


  • Designed to create flexible, smart automation systems for institutional, commercial and industrial applications.
  • Multi-level grouping and multiples scenarios.
  • Both locally and remotely controllable with status reporting. Sensors and switches may be virtually assigned to many interfaces.
  • Both autonomous and/or managed from a central system.
  • Inputs for low-voltage switch, motion and lux sensor.
  • Compatible with any Low-voltage Occupancy & Lux sensors (Daylight Harvesting) and  switches.
  • Each and every module can be set as a Master, and  control numerous other companion modules.
  • Open-collector outputs for driving external loads.
  • Bidirectional long range wireless RF Mesh network.
  • Individual addresses: up to 2 billion unique serial numbers.
  • Integration with DimOnOff  SmartWare, or 3rd party BMS.
  • Multi-level grouping and multiples scenarios.
  • Programmable state after blackout, with peak shaving options.
  • Flick warning and override before scheduled lights off.
  • Both locally and remotely controllable with status & voltage metering reporting.
  • Manual ON/Auto-Off, Auto-ON/Auto-Off and grace period compliant.



  • Voltage:  12 Vdc to 24 Vdc
  • Consumption: 0.06mA @12V and 0.04mA @24V
  • Maximum load : 1 Amp
  • Output Status Monitoring:  Standard feature
  • Power monitoring: Voltage –  Burn-time counters


  • Standard Inputs:  3 Digital (0-30V): ex: Motion sensor and switch top/bottom buttons +  1 Analog  (0-30V)
  • Secondary Output:  1 Digital (supply voltage (12-24V) – max: 20 mA ) or sink to ground (0V).
  • RS-232 serial interface


  • Ambient temperature range: -40C  to +70C
  • Relative Humidity: up to 99% non-condensing (* fully waterproof packaging option)


  • U.S. FCC Part 15.247 : OUR-XBEE / OUR-XBEE PRO Canada IC : 4214A-XBEE / 4214A-XBEE PRO Europe CE : ETSI / ETSI
  • UL94V-0 Flame retardant ABS or Epoxy molding
  • Warranty
  • Limited 5-year warranty