Wireless Smart Relays


With ANSI C136-41 connector ideal for city-wide street and area lighting or any size projects.

A complete lighting control system in one module, easily networkable in both small and vast networks with groups & zoning, adaptive lighting & scheduling functions:

  • Complete utility-grade power metering built-in with multiple user-configurable alarms;
  • Adaptable Sink & Source 0-10V output compatible with all dimming drivers;
  • DALI standard IEC 62386-101:2014 (parts 101 to 103 inclusive) Standard (Philips XSR and OSRAM DEXAL compatible) RME-DALI model
  • High capacity long life relay;
  • Same module for all voltages from 110 to 480 Vac 50/60Hz;
  • Long range communication;
  • Standard NEMA C136-41 (2013) with 5 or 7 prongs twist lock connector also compatible with C136-10 sockets;
  • Sub 1W module consuption well suited for energy savings goals.
  • Compact addressable modules that offer advanced wireless control, monitoring & metering for each fixture.
  • Contains the most evolved firmware on the market with state-of-the-art features to ensure system robustness and future-proof over the air upgradable.
  • Tools for quick, simple and economical commissioning with complete functional test and geolocation at installation.
  • Multiple Radio options (DIGI, Honeywell / Elster, Ingenu, Trilliant etc.)
  • Communicates wirelessly using a robust 2.4GHz (900Mhz option) ISM (Industrial, scientific and medical certified) meshed radio signal.
  • Designed to create flexible, smart lighting systems for institutional, commercial, municipal and industrial environments.


  • Street, area and Roadway lighting
  • Parking lots (Shopping centers, municipal, private)
  • Car dealerships
  • Pathway and trails
  • Parks
  • Best suited for LED but also works with HPS, MH and MV or any other type of fixtures
  • Built for both Indoor and outdoor use
  • Combined with our RTM in fixture module, we provide a complete solution for decorative fixtures of all types
  • Etc.



  • 110 to 480 Vac – 50 & 60 Hz (Line-Neutral or Line-Line)
  • Less than 1 watts consumption
  • Maximum load Amperage: 7 amps (120-240 Vac), 5 amps at 277-347Vac or 2 amps at 480 Vac
  • Output Status Monitoring: Standard feature
  • Power Metering (0.5% accuracy or better) (Min, Max, Avg): Amperage —Voltage—Power, Power Factor, kVah, Cum. Energy – Burn-time and cycles counters
  • Std. 0-10V dimming: for all types of 0-10V drivers & ballasts requiring either to be sunk (up to 200mA) or sourced (20mA standalone or higher w/ext. source)
  • Standard Inputs: 1 Digital: ex: Motion sensor or switch (max : 30V)
  • Output: 24Vdc 30mA
  • DIGI™ 2.4Ghz Long range radio (XBP): up to 300m 1000 ft between modules
  • DIGI™ 900Mhz
  • Honeywell / Elster EA900™ and SynergyNet™ (energy Axis integrated)
  • Ingenu™
  • more to come (we recommend that you inquire if you have a specific requirement)
  • Onboard GPS modules
  • Vibration / Tilt sensor
  • Ambient temperature range: -40C to +70C
  • IP66
  • Relative Humidity: up to 99% non-condensing
  • UL: E476540 Canada and US
  • FCC Part 15.247
    • DIGI : OUR-XBEE / OUR-XBEE PRO Canada IC : 4214A-XBEE / 4214A-XBEE PRO Europe CE : ETSI / ETSI
  • UL94V-0 Flame retardant
  • Limited 5-year warranty (10 year extended warranty available)
  • (Dia x H) (in /mm) 3.125 x 3.75 in / 79.4 x 95.3 mm
  • Compliant with C136.41 (5 and 7 prongs) and C136.10 ANSI 3 prongs standard receptacles

Note & instructions

Main Features

  • Fully bidirectional long range RF networks
  • Individual addresses: over 2 billion unique serial numbers
  • Military grade 128bits AES communication encryption
  • Low latency even in very large networks
  • Multi-level grouping with dynamic level adjustment
  • Adjustable minimum and maximum levels with 1% steps
  • Programmable after blackout state with peak shaving .
  • Remotely controllable with instantaneous metering.
  • Multi-level Demand/Response (load shedding) built-in.
  • Lumen depreciation compensation over time
  • Complete Integration with DimOnOff SCMS or DOO-Express
  • GPS coordinates stored in non-volatile memory at installation.
  • Extensive network and system health monitoring with multi-level fall back safety features
  • Complete reporting including alarms for maintenance optimization