Implementing a DimOnOff solution to a municipal street light network is simple.

DimOnOff is a Centralized Adaptive Lighting System that is simple to deploy. Also called Central Management System (CMS), this proven technology is a necessity for any LED conversion project. The system includes practical and robust hardware, highly secured firmware and advanced software, which allows real-time and programmed management of a lights’ network, and delivers energy savings through dimming and trimming. 

DimOnOff 's complete front-to-end smart wireless control system is tailored for LED street light conversion projects, and is also suitable to retrofit existing fixtures of all types. The system individualizes control of lighting fixtures and allows a one-by-one advanced management, wirelessly.

By simply adding DimOnOff intelligent modules to fixtures, the lighting system becomes a controllable network of light nodes, using wireless communication, which makes it possible to remotely control and monitor the lighting status, levels, zones, programmed scenarios and advanced scheduling. 

Control can be initiated by computer and local sensors. The modules communicate with each other and a Gateway (for Data logging & scheduling) using a secured protocol developed by DimOnOff and encrypted at 128 bits AES, above standard protocols (IEEE 802.15.4, radio frequency 2.4GHz or optionally 900MHz).

DimOnOff's management platform makes it possible to easily configure the system, control it and follow each luminaire's physical data in real-time (W, V, Amp, PF, life…), and set up alarms to be sent automatically - indicating individual faulty luminaires or outages - to a maintenance list, an email address or a mobile phone.

DimOnOff maximizes operators performance for tasks related to geographical positioning and especially for maintenance, and facilitates the definition of lighting zones and the creation of special lighting programs (scheduling) based on sunrise/sunset, fixed-time and holiday structures.



For a complete management of lights’ network, the City will need: 1 smart module per fixture, 1 Gateway with cellular modem for every 500 modules/fixtures (on average) and DimOnOff management platform to be installed on its servers.


The Smart Module

  • Multi-voltage, multi-input, multi-output for sensor connectivity if needed
  • Compatible with all standard 0-10v dimming drivers
  • Autonomous router with an individual address (out of 2 billion)
  • Utility grade full power metering integrated (2% accuracy)
  • Mesh radio, communication distance between nodes (fixtures) up to 1 mile
  • installed inside the fixture (or outside)


The Gateways

  • Computer allowing remote access, advanced management and scheduling, and interfacing radio frequency with internet
  • Local MySQL database
  • Interface with the server via internet using cellular communication (or Ethernet)
  • Active photocell back-up system
  • Each Gateway deployed in the field is totally autonomous for day to day operation such as lights scheduled operation and even fault-reporting, and does not rely on any central server


Field Communication

  • Wireless mesh network, ISM, DSSS interference immunity, auto discover / auto heal
  • Secured proprietary protocol over IEEE 802.15.4 (128-bit encryption)
  • Rich function set for control, monitoring and alarms (running on microchip MCU)


The Software

  • A real software with no annual fees, multi-users and multi-sites
  • Server and database installed on the City's protected network or hosted on the cloud
  • Modules and network easy editing and configuring with an advanced graphical user interface with 10 different types of maps
  • Advanced programmable operations combining simple commands, generic and delayed timers and creative scenarios (simultaneous commands)
  • Scenarios per fixture or per group of fixtures (up to 32000 groups, a fixture can belong to several groups)
  • Smart scheduling of scenarios, based on sunset/sunrise (with or without delay), time, day and date
  • 1024 steps of dimming allowing smooth ramping and lumen depreciation compensation over time
  • Real-time monitoring of modules' statuses and all electrical aggregates, including simultaneous alarms by ALS and emails
  • Friendly reporting and exporting for detailed analysis


Server Hosting

  • The database can be hosted on the City’s servers or on the Cloud
  • Software and database will be installed and will execute on the chosen server
  • Client access is provided by connecting to the hosted remote database
  • The server is primarily used for data acquisition - synchronized with gateways - configuration & modification and reporting
  • Backups of database can be mirrored on other servers