DimOnOff installations are non-invasive and non-disruptive making lengthy wiring processes and relay panels a thing of the past.

From entire building wings and floors, to shared spaces like conference rooms and hallways to the smallest office cubicle, DimOnOff can radically change how, when and where lighting fixtures are used. It’s the most economical way to carry out lighting control, daylight data harvesting and scheduling in retrofit environments.

DimOnOff is especially well-suited for patrimonial buildings, where intrusive retrofit jobs in plaster walls and ceilings, or wood walls, are completely out of the question.

For all those environments where running new wiring would necessitate the use of decontamination tents, DimOnOff is the perfect solution for a quick, non-intrusive installation.

No wiring, full flexibility, no limit in system size or configuration. Less time – Less money – Faster projects.

This means: doable projects under these new easier conditions.