DimOnOff for Sports Facilities

Large indoor venues call for large-scale lighting systems that can operate on different levels at different times and in different zones.

DimOnOff allows venue operators to configure and install controls that can create different lighting scenarios in various zones within these venues and operating at a variety of intensities, as required for each individual event. Save money and generate savings for a quick payback.

In fact, our statistics demonstrate that typical arenas and gymnasiums equipped with a DimOnOff system will optimally operate their facilities at these levels, during these percentages of the time of use: (based on the different events)

  • Level 100% = approx. 25% of time = 25%
  • Level 66% = approx. 25% of time = 16.5%
  • Level 33% = approx. 50% of time = 16.5%
  • Total usage = 58 % of time  **  Totals savings = 42%

The video demonstrates a typical arena installation, where running new wiring for control would be much too costly because of an insulation tarp on the ceiling. Since all existing electrical also usually runs above the tarp, there would be no possibility of accessing the electrical without damaging the tarp.

DimOnOff provides a simple, quick, and easy solution for all sports facilities.


Link to document on sport field lighting: