Parking lots & Yards

Installing DimOnOff systems in your parking lot and yard can optimize your cost of doing business

Control lighting fixtures to meet exactly your needs – No waste

In fact, compared to legacy photocell installations, a DimOnOff system will help save anywhere from 40% to 55%, by simply practicing better management of lighting with better scheduling that reflects real usage of equipment and facilities.

Whether it is for merchandising lighting purposes or security purposes, with DimOnOff, not only can you program and control when – and in which zones – your lights are dimmed, on or off, but DimOnOff can also provide real-time monitoring & metering of all your lighting assets, locally or remotely, for all your locations.

It is clearly understandable that creating the ideal environment to attract, retain customers and close sales while stores are open is every owner’s goal. Applying good practice by reducing lights’ level – thereby reducing your energy bills – should also be a priority to help your bottom line; and we have the right solution to help meet those goals!