Smart Cities

Urban Services Apps are the future in monetization opportunities for Smart Cities.

There is an urban services revolution coming for Smart Cities. Service providers are only just starting to develop new and innovative applications to provide urban services; and data information rights acquired through the IoT will become a valuable source of revenue for Smart Cities, as well as a path to market for new technologies.

DimOnOff SCMS’ fast, powerful and highly secure system is the ultimate solution to help Smart Cities collect and broadcast reliable dynamic information that they can use for open data applications. It includes practical and robust hardware, highly secured firmware and advanced software, which transforms each and every street light into an addressable, remotely accessible asset via wireless communication, with capabilities to connect various types of sensors. Unlock the value of the IoT by providing real-time & reliable insights of connected assets. Sensors can be linked to the utilities to signal power failure, connect to 911, etc.

DimOnOff SCMS also interfaces with digital LED street signs and banners to broadcast emergency advisories, Amber Alerts, signal no-parking, advertising or public information. When it comes to reducing energy consumption, the fastest value creation & payback comes from control. For Smart Cities seeking to lower costs and lower their impact on the environment, DimOnOff SCMS is an ideal solution for control, sensors, monitoring and metering.

Wireless communications are secured and encrypted at 128 bits AES – over standard protocols (IEEE 802.15.4, radio frequency 2.4GHz or 900 MHz). Polling takes less than 3 seconds, as compared to 30 seconds or more with other solutions on the market, thereby ensuring that accurate data is received in record time, every time.

DimOnOff currently partners with major Automatic Meter Infrastructure (AMI) manufacturers, which enables joint infrastructure deployments of water, gas and electrical meters, along with Demand Automatization (DA), Demand Response (DR) and multiple other services.

Other agreements with sensor and actuator manufacturers, as well supporting software developers, allow DimOnOff to offer a wide variety of functionally tested and demonstrated Smart City solutions.

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Connected Streets are at the Core of Smart Cities

Street lighting is ubiquitous. Once deployed, the DimOnOff Smart City Management System (SCMS) becomes a wireless communication canopy over Smart Cities, which enables operations managers to connect to smart devices across every region of a city, in order to monitor the urban infrastructure in real-time, and help them make informed decisions to improve the efficiency and reliability of equipment and the quality of urban living.

Smart Cities start with a data network

DimOnOff opens the door to Smart City projects with a powerful wireless network that interfaces with industry standard protocols, enabling various sensors & controllers to seamlessly communicate together and back to a Central Management System.

With its plug-and-play technology and unparalleled scalability – up to 2 billion modules per system – DimOnOff SCMS will grow effortlessly with Smart Cities’ needs, it can be implemented anywhere in the world, and in any environment.

Unlock the value of the IoT

The DimOnOff SCMS infrastructure can easily be used by Smart Cities to monitor and control their municipal assets, measure peak consumption and optimize resources, signal power failures, schedule repairs, trigger weather-related alarms, provide real-time parking space monitoring, and assist with emergency multi-agency coordination, just to name a few.

Experts estimate that by 2020, over 50 billion devices will be connected.

The global market for smart urban services will be $400 billion per annum by 2020.