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The ultimate scada system
for smart cities

The ultimate scada system
for smart cities

About Dimonoff

DimOnOff is a pioneer and innovator in Wireless Control and Remote Monitoring technologies for Street & Area Lighting, and ranks among the top 3 players currently on the market. DimOnOff SCMS is the result of more than 10 years invested in R&D to create the ultimate product & platform for energy consumption management.

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Dimonoff SCMS

  • Secured multi-concurent users login and tracability
  • Module configuration and control
  • Creation/Editing of the user-defined library of Scenarios – Commands – Groups – Schedules
  • Creation/Editing of Multi-buildings, Multi-floors, Multi-rooms navigation interface and Module layouts
  • Database management
  • Communication management with Remote Ethernet modems
  • Historical data logging of power use, data acquisition modules (pulse counters, analog and digital sensors and instruments) and history of commands and scenarios
  • Etc.
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