The ultimate scada system
for smart cities

The ultimate scada system
for smart cities

About DimOnOff

DimOnOff is a pioneer and innovator of remote control & monitoring technologies and ranks among the top players in the smart cities management market. Headquartered in Quebec City, Canada, DimOnOff is the result of more than 12 years invested in R&D to create the ultimate IoT, Smart City Management System “SCMS.”

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  • Very secured multi-concurrent users login and tractability
  • Module configuration, monitoring and control
  • Creation/Editing of the user-defined libraries of scenarios – Commands – Groups – Schedules – Alarms
  • Creation/Editing of Geographical map layouts and multi-buildings, Multi-floors, Multi-room navigation interface
  • Database management capable of handling very large volumes of data
  • Communication management for multi-vendor systems
  • Historical data logging of electrical parameter, data acquisition modules (pulse counters, analog and digital sensors and instruments) and history of commands and scenarios
  • Etc.

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Latest News and Articles

Trade shows

April 6, 2018

Nous présenterons une session au Microsoft Azure Booth Camp de Québec, Samedi 21 avril 2018 à l’ENAP. Microsoft et ses partenaires est fier de présenter la 6e édition du Global Azure Bootcamp, Québec.Le Global Azure Bootcamp ( est un événement pour découvrir le Cloud Microsoft Azure (, organisé le même jour, le Samedi 21 avril […]

Montreal’s urban lighting project wins an award in the US


March 11, 2018

Montreal’s urban lighting project wins an award in the US This great project is using DimOnOff SCMS platform! The smart street lighting project of the City of Montreal won an award in the Energy category of the prestigious “Smart Cities 50 Awards”. This competition rewards the fifty most outstanding smart projects of the year at […]

LSNetwork award


March 5, 2018

City of Shawinigan and DimOnOff honored as the Innovative lighting technology of the year by LSNetwork!   Quebec, Canada, March 22 – DimOnOff’s CEO Bernard Têtu and the City of Shawinigan were proud to be honored with the prestigious LSNetwork Award for the CANADIAN LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY OF THE YEAR category. The award was given during the 2018 LSNetwork Morning […]