Économisez de l'énergie rapidement.

Litenode is a wireless, distributed lighting control and monitoring platform of products designed to assist project managers, for small-scale and large-scale lighting projects, integrate the best possible solutions to quickly and efficiently start saving energy.

Quick installation. Quick returns.

Litenode is a nodular system that allows quick installation for new and existing networks without any wiring (or rewiring for retrofits) central control panels or routers. Adaptable to lighting and dimming technologies for LED, Induction, MH-HPS, Incandescent and Halogen lighting fixtures for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Configure. Control. Monitor

The modules are supported by a complete software platform so you can configure, control and monitor, remotely. Each module is totally autonomous and fully networkable for ANY system size: from the single small office to city-wide streetlight systems. This simple installation process makes it the ideal product for project managers looking for quick, non-disruptive and non-invasive solutions to energy savings for indoor and outdoor facilities. Click here to download more information about how the Litenode range of products can help you significantly lower installation and energy costs.

Do you have a project? Let us guide you.

DimOnOff offers wireless and wired solutions for all environments. We are confident that one of these will meet your needs, and it would be our pleasure to assist you in choosing the right solution for your project.

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